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Nepal Travel Safety

Is it safe to travel Nepal? This is probably the highest searched question by potential travelers. One word answer is "YES" however we are trying to elaborate below.

Nepal is a country of spectacular beauty and is recognized as a top trekking destination in the world. However, travelers to Nepal should also keep in mind the dangers associated with their treks and journeys. Before you going to visit Nepal you have to consider if you will be comfortable with the current status of the climate, hygiene and the political peace in the area you want to go. Due the weather conditions it could be possible the area you want to go is way more isolated and will be harder to visit. Make sure you are physically able to make the journey under the hardest conditions.

The hygiene is Nepal is very dissimilar in all areas. In some areas there will be a high risk of diseases like hepatitis, malaria and stomach flu. It is important you will get vaccinated if you visit areas with a high risk of diseases. You also have to watch for the social hygiene. Be sure when you eat it will be in a place you can trust. It is possible that people who sell food on the street sell the meat of sick animals. When you have planned your journey and know what places you want to visit its smart if you visit your government health recommendation for traveling and discus your activities.

In any country it is possible there is a conflict between religions or with the government. To avoid any kind of conflicts check what the current status in the areas you will go is and keep following the news about spreading conflicts in the country. For an example: sometimes there are small protests in Kathmandu and Terai by extremists.

Whenever you travel around in Nepal be sure you travel with a government recognized company or licensed guides who are connected to companies. It’s rare but some travelers had been robbed with brute force and been raped in their tents or get lost on their journeys. Local guides will help to reduce those risks and if you travel with a recognized company they will focus on your safety in any way they can. Nepal is an extremely beautiful country to travel but were ever you go you will always have to watch out for your own safety!

Himalayan Leisure, Inc. wishes you for a beautiful and fully safe adventure in Nepal!