We know that this question comes to our customer's mind before making a booking and it is usual. In the list more than a thousand companies we must prove that we will take care of you and arrange never forgetting adventurous holiday for you in the Himalayas. It is our pleasure to tell you that soon you are going to be a member of Himalayan Leisure, Inc. family. Below are some of the major reasons that make us one of the bests and proves that your holiday will be an unforgettable adventure!

You will never know about us without giving us at least a chance to provide our services. And we are confident that once you travel with us you will never forget about us. Our services are based on your requirements. Your satisfaction is our goal and we never compare services with money. Money can be earned later for reputation is gone once it’s gone. Our passion is in the Himalaya and we believe that we are able to serve you. We are dedicated for your quality services anytime and at any stage; either planning your holiday or after starting the journey. We are slowly grown up; learning mistakes from earlier days and valuing comments from our previous clients. We believe of exceptional services and we try to make your journeys satisfactory in every aspect.

Legal, experienced and adventure passionate: We are registered under the office of company registrar, licensed from Nepal Tourism Board, Central Bank of Nepal and affiliated with Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal and Nepal Mountaineering Association. Our travel consultants are highly experienced in their fields and we are passionate about the adventures. Each and every journey that we operate are properly designed to give you the best experiences. We will make your holiday lifetime memorable and that is our promise!

Flexible itineraries, group size, and dates: Your holiday is only yours and you have all rights to enjoy it. Our itineraries are flexible and can be customized anywhere; either at the starting of the trip or in the middle of the trip. We will never mix you up with another group but make a private and separate departure for each group. Mixing different groups into one can cause problems in the middle of the journey and we never want this to happen. We know different companies offering group joining departures and heard some cases of ruined groups in the middle. We never want this to happen to you. You can start your holiday on the date of your choice but not ours. Before booking the journey you can confirm your date and we will confirm your departure. We will never force you to start the holiday in particular date but it’s your holiday and it will be the date of your choice.

Qualified guides, experienced cooks and Sherpa, strong helpers: Our guides and cooks are trained and well experienced. Qualified staffs are the backbone of a reputable company. We will always send experienced trekking guides trained from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management. This is a government training school where all our guides are trained. All our guides are also licensed from Ministry of Tourism under Government of Nepal. Our cooks are also trained in various hospitality management schools and are able to provide you with excellent meals every day. Our helpers are also experienced enough. They will carry your luggage every day with a smiling face. You will always feel safe and happy with our staffs and that is our promise.

Timely accurate response: We will never delay to supply you required information as per your request. Our 99% replies are before 24 hours. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, our responses can get delayed but we assure that we will reply to you on time. We may call, email or fax you as per the requirement. We will do our best to clarify every query before starting your journey. Everything will be transparent to you. Our travel experts are happy to answer any questions that you have.

Flexible payment options with no hidden costs: Pay the amount you see. We will never charge you any hidden costs. All our prices are crystal clear and we will not charge you more after booking your trip. We have NO HIDDEN COSTS so always feel confident that your money is in safe hands. You can pay the 20% of trip confirmation cost via money transfer, banks or credit cards. Our preferred method is via bank as it’s convenient for most of the travelers and is the easiest option. Please keep in mind that unless the itineraries or services changed your total price for any trip remains the same whenever you start your journey. The price mentioned at the time of booking will the final price for your trip.